We partner with exceptional individuals to launch and build vertical SaaS companies that solve real problems.

Fractal provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a business idea, a highly capable and complementary co-founder, capital, and ongoing support. Together, we’ll create fast-growing vertical SaaS companies that help modernize overlooked American industries.

Our founders are backed by the world’s best investors


How We Support Our Founders

Fractal provides a business idea, funding, and strategic guidance to help entrepreneurs build successful companies.

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Building Engineering-Led Companies

We believe great engineers are the most critical component in the long-term success of a software company.

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vertical saas

Why Do We Focus on Vertical SaaS?

Vertical SaaS is a unique, risk-optimized opportunity for entrepreneurs to build tools that help America’s businesses do what they do best.

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Learn More About Fractal

We’re unlocking entrepreneurship for exceptional individuals by providing the support they need to launch fast-growing vertical SaaS businesses.

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