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State of Vertical SaaS 23

State of Vertical SaaS 2023

Our third annual industry report analyzes vertical software trends and events in public and private markets.

The CTOs Guide to Embedded Fintech cover

The CTO's Guide to Embedded Fintech

The authoritative guide to the strategic and technical considerations to make when embedding fintech.

The Fractal Guide to Growth

Our guide to growth explores the challenges and opportunities founders face as they prepare to scale their business.

State of Vertical SaaS Report Cover

State of Vertical SaaS 2022

Our second annual industry report analyzes key trends and events in vertical SaaS.

The Vertical SaaS Fintech cover

The Vertical SaaS Fintech Playbook

An in-depth introduction to the use of embedded financial services to expand an addressable market.

Guide to Vertical SaaS Metrics

Guide to Vertical SaaS Metrics

A detailed overview of the financial metrics and KPIs that are crucial to understanding vertical SaaS.

Guide to Vertical SaaS Tech Stack

How to Choose a Vertical SaaS Tech Stack

A comprehensive overview of the key technology decisions founders must make during the early days of their company.

State of Vertical SaaS 2021

State of Vertical SaaS 2021

Our first annual report provides public and private market performance data along with analysis of key trends.