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We believe great engineers are the most critical component in the success of a software company. Our top priority is identifying talented technologists to build the next generation of vertical SaaS companies and helping them recruit world-class engineers for their business. We give our CTOs all the tools they need to create an engineering-led culture from Day One.

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Why Become a CTO?

CTO is a challenging career that requires a delicate balancing act. The CTO must stay true to a long-term product vision while managing the day-to-day needs of their business. They must meet evolving customer needs in the context of technical decisions made by their team. It’s not easy, but at Fractal we know that many engineers are capable of rising to the challenge and leading a world class software company.

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“Fractal helped make the transition from Director of Engineering to CTO seamless. The guidance they provided, along with the support from other Fractal CTOs, has given my company a tremendous advantage.”
Ye — Fractal Portfolio Company CTO
“I’m taking the skills I've acquired and using them to create something that has real value. I’m building an honest business that is actually helping people do what they do better.”
SRDJAN — Fractal Portfolio Company CTO
“With support from Fractal and its community of technical founders, I have been able to overcome core  architectural challenges while building an amazing engineering team that is passionate about improving the lives of our customers.”
Rishi — Fractal Portfolio Company CTO
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Testimonial author
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How we support CTOs


A great engineering organization starts with great engineers. Our dedicated recruiting experts will help you source and hire talent to build an exceptional team. 


Fractal’s research team has spoken with prospective customers and gained an understanding of the unique needs of your vertical. This will help ensure you can quickly build an MVP with confidence in its product-market fit.


Fractal’s in-house engineering team advises you as you select and implement a technology stack that fits your unique needs and preferences.


Join Fractal’s network of vertical SaaS CTOs at various stages in their journey as a company. By working together you’ll  avoid common mistakes and adopt best practices early.


Once you’ve built a great product, we’ll partner with your CEO to ensure it’s being sold effectively and at a high velocity, setting you and the company up for long-term success.


We have experience raising hundreds of millions of dollars in capital, and can help your company raise its next round when the time is right.


Join the CTO Club

Want to be the technical founder of a fast-growing startup?
Stop by one of our in-person or digital CTO Club events, meet other top technical talent, and learn more about how Fractal unlocks entrepreneurship for ambitious individuals. Of the 10,000 engineers who’ve been considered, only 0.1% have been admitted. Do you have what it takes?

Our research

The Fractal Guide to Vertical SaaS Tech Stacks

One of the biggest decisions a CTO must make before they start building their MVP is the tools they’re going to use for the job. Fractal spoke with CTOs at the helm of vertical SaaS companies ranging from newborn startups to freshly minted unicorns to understand how they chose the technologies in their tech stack, the tradeoffs involved with different tools, and any unexpected challenges they faced along the way.