About Fractal

Transforming America’s overlooked industries

Our mission

Unlock entrepreneurship for exceptional individuals by providing the insights, capital and support needed to launch fast-growing vertical SaaS businesses.

Our vision

A world where every industry that could benefit from modern software has capable entrepreneurs focused on solving their technological challenges.

Our theses


Far more individuals are capable of founding a company than currently do. And given the immense rewards of entrepreneurship, far more should.


There are hundreds of industries still in need of truly modern software. The customers, employees and owners of the small businesses that power our economy can all benefit from technologies built for the task at hand.


Vertical SaaS companies are by far the best business model and the most effective way to solve these challenges.


What makes vertical SaaS companies successful is identifiable and replicable: Following best practices significantly increases the chance of success. We know because we’ve built several of them.

We think every industry deserves great software. We want you to build it.

Our story

A letter from our founders

Many of America’s most important industries lack modern software. We founded Fractal to change that.

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When you join Fractal’s Launch Program, you become part of a community of vertical SaaS founders who can provide support and advice as you build your business.