How it Works

Accelerate past the biggest early challenges a founder faces

Fractal provides you with a business idea, a cofounder, capital, and the ongoing support you need to build your vertical SaaS company.

Our process


Choose a Diligenced Idea

Pick a pre-vetted business idea from a collection of deeply researched industry reports created by Fractal’s team of vertical SaaS analysts.


Match with a Complementary Cofounder

Select a compatible cofounder who shares your vision from a group of exceptional candidates hand-selected by Fractal’s recruiting team.

Fund icon

Capitalize your Business

Receive the capital you need to launch your business on Day 1.

Ongoing support

Support from a team that has been there before

Grow your business with advice based on real world experience from the founders and operators of successful SaaS companies.

Human Resources
Operational Independence

It’s your company.

Fractal strategically de-risks the founder journey without compromising your operational independence. It’s ultimately up to you to execute on your vision and build something great.

Testimonial author
Fractal gave us direct feedback on our plans and approach, and provided connections within the industry that set us up for success. They were an invaluable resource when starting our company."
Kel, Fractal Portfolio CEO
Testimonial author
I was ready to build something of my own and launching a company with Fractal meant I was able to accelerate past a number of hurdles and learn from a network of like-minded entrepreneurs."
Catherine, Fractal Portfolio Company CEO
Testimonial author
I enjoy building products and teams, but I didn’t know how to go about starting a company. Fractal de-risked all that. It’s been a great way to exercise the entrepreneur that was always within me.”
Noah, Fractal Portfolio Company CEO

We think every industry deserves great software. We want you to build it.